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It’s our story in it!
Everything has started in 2017 when a friend of us has offered us some homemade sesame seeds snacks based on a greek traditional recipe. Back then he has been selling them to a few number of stores, but, he was about to give up production…
The first “Super-Seed” was planted in our heads! We took over his recipes and for 6 months we started experimenting on new ones…In 2018 the Bars & Bites was born in Amsterdam! The first 4 SuperSeeds recipes were introduced to the market with great success.
In 2019 the first B&B Coco-Bars, Nutty Bars and Raw Bars are joining the family next to our 6 Superseeds flavors!
In May 2019 we start a long-term partnership with the Dutch “Help Children in Greece” NGO. It all started as a Greek recipe we have tasted in Amsterdam. Now it’s our turn to reverse the positive vibes!

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